Subcompact cars remain popular with a variety of people who prefer a vehicle that maneuvers easily while saving money at the gas pump. However, when they want to enjoy luxurious amenities, they choose the A4 by Audi.

The A4 exudes luxury from the large mesh or slotted grille to the narrow, aggressive-looking headlights to the chrome accents on the front, sides and rear of the vehicle. An aerodynamic profile combines with smooth curves and sharp lines to give a well-defined, athletic-looking exterior.

The ergonomic style of the vehicle's interior ensures comfort and convenience while not being cluttered. The infotainment system sits atop the dashboard for ease of access and greater visibility. Leather bolstered seats and upholstery surround occupants in luxurious comfort. See the impressive style and design offered on the latest A4 models by visiting our Audi Des Moines facility. Ask about taking an A4 out for a test drive.


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