Why Belts and Hoses Are Important

With so many components working together under your car’s hood, small parts like belts and hoses tend to be overlooked. However, these small parts are usually what keeps the big parts working efficiently. At Audi Des Moines, we understand that you may not have the time or automotive knowledge to ensure the belts and hoses are in good shape. Here are some tips on belt and hose maintenance.

Your vehicle uses timing belts and accessory drive belts. Timing belts ensure the internal engine parts, like intermediate shaft, balance shaft and camshafts are working as they should. Accessory drive belts are what keep parts like alternators, power steering pumps and air conditioning compressors, working. Each of these belts should be inspected regularly and replaced when necessary. Your owner’s manual will offer recommendations for when these belts and hoses should be replaced.

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