What is front-wheel drive vs. rear-wheel drive?

When picking a new car, you may see features like front-wheel drive and the rear-wheel drive pop up in the specifications. These refer to drivetrain configurations, or how power is delivered to your wheels. If you choose the front-wheel drive (FWD), then the power goes to your front differential from your transmission. This is an efficient and simple design, which is why it’s good on gas mileage and typically used for compact cars and sedans.

Rear-wheel drive is for cars that need acceleration and towing capacity, which is why you commonly see muscle cars like the Ford Expedition, Dodge Challenger, or Chevy Camaro with rear-wheel drive. RWD vehicles also handle better, particularly when road conditions are poor due to ice and snow. If you need to tow a trailer or boat, you also want a vehicle with RWD or all-wheel drive. Many vehicles are now changing to all-wheel drive as standard simply because you can switch your drivetrain on the fly.

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