If that thick black smoke is interfering with the view of the driver behind you, Audi Des Moines would like to see you in their service center. More importantly, Audi Des Moines wants you to be educated in proper spring maintenance to extend the life of your car. Then, when you're ready to trade it in, Audi Des Moines can use that towards a great deal on another one.

Taking great care of your vehicle starts by reading your owner's manual. Even if you're familiar with how a vehicle works, the manufacturer has recommendations for when you should service different parts for optimal efficiency. Air conditioning is about to be real relevant so know when to flush and refill your radiator. Make sure your coolant is topped off at the appropriate level so your car doesn't overheat.

If you have not had your car serviced lately, bring it in to the certified technicians at Audi Des Moines for a weatherization overhaul. They know what to look for during an inspection, and can professionally repair, replace, tune, align and so much more.


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