At Audi Des Moines in Johnston, IA, we like to keep our customers informed, and if you own a vehicle, it's important to understand what an auto recall encompasses so that you're prepared. An automobile manufacturer or the NHTSA will determine if a car model has a defect or isn't in compliance with the federal safety standard.

How will you know if your vehicle is recalled? Automobile manufacturers are required to issue letters to those affected by a recall. The NHTSA website also provides information about recalls. A recall letter will state the description of the defect, warning signs, the risk of the problem, and how the manufacturer plans to remedy the issue. You may also receive details about what steps you need to take.

While manufacturers do their best to contact all affected vehicle owners, you may not receive a recall notice. If you don't receive a letter, check the NHTSA website. Keep in mind that it's the obligation of the manufacturer to pay for any defect.

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