Windshield wipers eventually require replacement. Each time you use them, the wipers slowly degrade. Worn out wipers won't help your ability to see in the rain. Now, imagine how difficult it becomes to see in heavy snow. If you drive in regions prone to snowfall, consider investing in winter wiper blades.

Winter wiper blades are dramatically different from traditional ones, but they contain upgrades that improve performance. Normal blades can become clogged with ice and snow, which impairs performance. A casing over the winter ones improves performance and prevents ice and snow from entering, which cuts down on clogs.

Beam blades are another option, and they come with a unique innovation. A squeegee connected to the blades further enhances the ability to clear the windshield. For some, these blades might be preferred. Prepare yourself for winter driving in Des Moines. Someone in our maintenance department at Adui Des Moines can help you out with new wiper blades and more.


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