You’re being offered comfort and control in the new Audi A4. The most popular compact, luxury car is all about you this year. You’ll enjoy the upgrade in performance features like the Sport Suspension made available in this model to make your experience driving the car more versatile and dynamic.

You may get a little spirited when driving this car, but that’s no problem, because the firmer tuning allows for full comfort with 23 mm of lowered height. The update is so much better than the standard suspension.

Since we’re talking about control, you’ll fully embrace the newly-installed Quattro All-Wheel Drive installed on the new Audi A4. You’ll feel the increased traction you get with this advancement and the firmed grip will guide you to your destination with ease. Audi definitely upgraded the technology in this model and you’ll feel it for yourself when you visit our Johnston, IA Audi dealership for a test drive.


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