The Audi SQ5's Has Quattro Technology

Every Audi SQ5 is equipped with Quattro all-wheel drive because it's a standard feature. This technology benefits strategic drivers because it makes changes to enhance performance on curvy and straight roads.

The SQ5 provides a dynamic driving experience using its sporty rear differential hardware. When the new SQ5 travels along a steep curve, Quattro technology activates and manages how a driver implements cornering procedures. A driver never has to struggle in order to maintain control as this vehicle maneuvers around a curve since the Quattro all-wheel drive system distributes proper torque to each wheel. This tactic helps the SQ5 safely drift out of a challenging curve.

At Audi Des Moines, we let potential customers hop in Audi SQ5 vehicles and take test drives. We're in a convenient location and our staff sets up driving sessions in a timely manner. To make the buying process easier, we break down engine features and explain performance perks.



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