What are the Exterior Light Features that Make the Audi A4 so Great?

The exterior lighting system on any vehicle is a measure of the quality built into it. From the days of the old horse-drawn carriages, exterior lighting has always drawn the eye and the admiration of those watching. On today’s roads, exterior lighting is a significant safety concern as well.

The Audi A4 offers several features that found in here and there in other vehicles, but you will not find it concentrated in a single car anywhere else. The Audi A4 features Xenon headlights for better night vision and LED lights for daytime driving. So no matter when you are driving, your lighting concerns are covered.

The essential turn signal system in the Audi A4 features LED progressive taillights that no driver following can miss, and, just in case, turn light indicators are integrated into the outside mirrors. These features are on display at Audi Des Moines.



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