The Audi S3 Has Advanced Hardware That Boosts Performance

When Audi was designed, special hardware was included to give a driver options on the road. The main technologies that make the Audi S3 unique power key components under the hood.

If you like to commute to various destinations comfortably, fast, or efficiently, you can easily adjust the Audi S3's hardware so that it suits one of these driving styles. Each drive mode modifies key hardware under the hood instantly after a dedicated button is tapped on the main console in the cabin. After different modes are selected, and the changes won't affect the dampers.

No matter what mode is activated, the Audi S3's magnetic ride hardware will make changes to enhance the dampers. The magnetic components are strategic because they produce electrical charges when needed during driving situations. As the currents travel, they boost handling and control by making the dampers firmer.

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