Why Does My Tire Pressure Monitor Illuminate?

Like most drivers, you probably feel alarmed when your tire pressure monitor lights up. However, most times you don't have to panic when the monitor is on as there is often a simple explanation why it's happening. Here are some common scenarios.

Temperature changes can play havoc with your tire pressure. You may have noticed that sometimes on very cold mornings your tire monitor light illuminates but then turns off. As the tire warms, the pressure returns to normal. At other times, such as in the summer, your pressure can be too high, which is cause for concern because a tire with too much air can end up blowing out.

If you are worried about your tire pressure, bring your vehicle in to the Audi service department at Audi Des Moines. Our technicians will examine your tires and fix any problems they find to get you back out on the streets of Johnston, IA.

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