Tips to Replace a Flat Tire

It happens to everyone. You're on the road and you hear the telltale flub sound of a flat tire. While it may initially feel terrifying, changing a flat tire isn't that difficult if you are prepared and have the right tools such as a lug wrench, tire jack, flashlight, wheel chocks and emergency warning devices, in addition to a reliable spare.

When you know you have a flat, first find a safe place to park and secure your vehicle with an emergency or parking brake. Get the tire, tools and owner's manual. The latter is especially important if you haven't changed a tire on this vehicle previously. Loosen the lug nuts slightly before raising the car and change the tire. Lower it, making sure every connection is secure.

After you have changed the flat, bring the tire in for repair at the Audi Des Moines service center. We will also put it back on for you.