The Easiest Way to Test Your Car’s Battery

The battery of your car is an essential part of your ignition process. The 12-volts of energy stored in the battery is what sparks the engine into its first ignition. After the engine is running, the car’s systems run off the alternator. However, without the spark from the battery, the car will not start.

The only way you know how much charge your battery is holding is through testing the battery. The easiest way to test the battery requires an instrument called a voltmeter. Connect the black wire to the negative pole and the red wire to the positive pole. The voltmeter measures the amount of voltage that travels through the wires from one pole to the other and displays those levels for you to see.

If you question the results of your test, bring your car to Audi Des Moines for a professional checkup of your battery. We can replace your battery or service it, if possible.

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