Holiday Travel Tips for the Prepared Driver

It seems the holiday season comes earlier every year, and once again it is nearly upon us. For many families, the holiday season means travel and driving. Here at Audi Des Moines, we want to offer some tips that can help you reach your destination safe and sound without any worry or hassle.

We have enough to consider during this busy time, don’t add to the rush! If you are taking on more than just a jaunt across town, be sure to have your vehicle’s maintenance taken care of and oil changed, if due. Now is the time to get any problems out of the way. Try to plan your actual trip ahead of time, and make sure you take into account the fact that there will likely be much heavier traffic than usual. Make sure you are within the confines of traffic laws and speed limits.

Be sure to stock your emergency kit with first aid, water and weather supplies that are up to date, and consider the possibility that weather at your start and finish lines may be different. Lastly, make sure there is plenty of entertainment for passengers, especially little ones, to prevent the dreaded question – Are we there yet?! If your current ride is in need of an upgrade, make sure to spare a moment to check out our new car showroom as well. Happy holidays to all!

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