Why are Winter Windshield Wipers so Important?

When the leaves turn and temperatures drop, many motorists in Johnston, Iowa will head to their garage to install winter tires, but few will give even a moment’s thought to the other important rubber on their vehicle: windshield wipers. For the same reasons as changing your tires, it is very important to change to a winter compound windshield wiper when temperatures are low to ensure optimum performance.

The special, soft rubber of a winter blade gives significantly better pliability in cold weather. They help to resist tears on the wiper due to ice accretion, and give more complete contact with the glass for streak-free operation. Winter wipers are also reinforced to withstand the extra weight of snow on your windshield, allowing you worry-free driving in all conditions.

We at Audi Des Moines understand that safety is your primary concern when you are on the road, and that is why we are fully stocked with a wide range of winter windshield wipers for many makes and models. Give us a call and we can help you find the right set of wiper blades for your car today.

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