Explore the Benefits of Using Salt on Your Driveway

When it comes to snow, it's easier to opt for cheaper options to use for your tires or your driveways, such as kitty litter or sand. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that using sand or kitty litter is the best option. Let’s explore the merits and drawbacks of each traction-adding technique.

When temperatures are above 12 degrees Fahrenheit, it's ideal to use salt. Using salt will help dissolve snow, making your driveway clear and safe. However, one thing to keep in mind when it comes to using salt is that it is a costly option and it is a sodium chloride rock salt. This type of salt is different from salt that is used at home. This salt is also the costliest to use but it gets the job done efficiently.

It is important to remember though when using salt in your driveway to not let your pets or any animals run on it as it is harmful to animal paws. It's also harmful to any plants you may have around your driveway. The pros about using salt are that it melts ice, and it dissolves once it's melted in water. This makes it have an easier clean up compared to kitty litter or sand alternatives.

Sand does not melt the ice but it is cheap and easy to clean up. Kitty litter provides much-needed traction, but can also pose a hazard as it begins soaking up moisture. It’s also the messiest option for adding extra traction.

Now that you know you're prepared for the winter, get your car winter-ready at the Audi Des Moines service department for tune-ups or your regular maintenance.

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