If you've ever driven an Audi model, then you'll likely agree with our sentiments that they are built to deliver the smoothest of rides. There's a reason for this: smart engineering. One key characteristic that is integral to elevating performance is Audi ultra®, a blueprint for proficient architecture.


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What is Audi ultra®?

Audi ultra® is the name given to the composition of an Audi model. Using Audi ASF® aluminum and aluminum-hybrid for construction, these vehicles are as structurally sound as they are lightweight. This not only increases durability but improves agility as well as efficiency. Combined, these qualities make driving more enjoyable as a whole.

Test a Model for Yourself

Of course, the best way to realize the quality of Audi craftsmanship is to take a closer look. So we invite you to take a test drive in one of the models now for sale at Audi Des Moines. Visit our dealership in Johnston, Iowa, and you can learn more about Audi ultra® and other factors that make owning a product from this brand worth it.

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